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Facebook as a Virtue

June 2, 2015

Facebook can be a huge time waster. It can also breed arguments, reveal too much information, foster narcissism, and spread rumors at lightning speed, among other things.

But it’s not totally devoid of virtues. One of the things that I find to be a positive thing, though, is it gives us a window into people’s thinking. The things we’ll all say when sitting behind a computer screen never ceases to amaze me (apparently we forget what we’re saying is going out across the WORLD WIDE web).

I’ve seen a number of posts that are quite revealing, though. People who claim to be Christians will post things that clearly reveal their thinking is shaped by culture, not by their Christian beliefs. They’ll post, and also explicitly endorse, things that run completely counter to Christian doctrine.

So the question that haunts me is how do I become an effective agent of change? How do I help move people towards a biblical worldview? Or can I help? Am I kidding myself? Small groups are a positive step, but only a small one, and there clearly needs to be more.

I’m listening….

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