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On Splitting Groups

February 17, 2015

Okay…I know “splitting” is not the right word. But let’s be honest, a rose is a rose is a rose. So in fact sometimes groups do need to split.

I prefer to avoid it if at all possible. Real, authentic discipleship takes time to develop. Community doesn’t happen overnight. Splitting groups can disrupt that. But sometimes it has to be done.

I am part of a group that has 26 members when everybody shows. Regularly there are over 20. The dynamics of the group are fabulous, which is rare with a group of that size. That’s why I have been hesitant to break it up. But at some point living rooms run out of space, and there are too many people to have significant dialogue. And the greatest crime of all–there are fewer cookies for me.

The upside with this particular instance? Even with the separation into two separate groups, I anticipate two great groups who now have room to grow. And more cookies for me.

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