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Why We Need Each Other

March 17, 2014

We talk a lot about friendship, discipleship, and the like in promoting small groups, and for good reason. But take a look at this….

I spoke yesterday on 1 Samuel 3, and one of the things that I find fascinating is how Samuel, one of the greatest of all the prophets, couldn’t recognize the voice of the Lord without the assistance of a friend/mentor. And the point I was making is if Samuel needed that, it’s a good bet that I need it to. If you want to know more about it you can listen to yesterday’s sermon off the web site. 

I happen to think it’s a vitally important point. I just hope I communicated it clearly! 

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  1. Andrea Rose Grosinger permalink

    Thank you Pastor Mike for your sermon and your heart for small groups.
    One of your points was about seeing our “blind spots”. The world is full of people with “blind spots”. Each one of us have them, and these “dark areas in us” have as many shades as there are differing reasons, origins, and presumed purposes for there existence.
    Many philosopher, religious guru and self help experts have advise to give on such topics.

    But, all of man’s advise pales in the light of what Christ has offered us through himself.

    Unique to the Christian experience is the presence of the Holy Spirit (indwelling in Us), the very Word of God, (the Bible) and the true fellowship of the body of the believers (His Church) left here on earth for a purpose.
    With these components we begin the journey, through time, commitment to one another, perseverance, and Godly counsel, we can move around or have these areas removed all together.

    Like Samuel needed the help of a friend, Eli, we need each other to be gentle and compassionate with us and our “blind spot” so we can hear from God, who reveals Himself to us in ways only He knows how to do.
    We are going to seek God’s word for each of us in small group tonight… and so the adventure continues..

  2. So true, Andrea. Thanks for the feedback.

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