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Summer Reflections

September 17, 2013

Now that summer is over, I would like to look back and offer a few personal thoughts on the summer months for small groups. 

1. We’ve always taken a break during the summer months. We’ve found over the years that attendance is way too sporadic and it’s hard to have any coherence in the group. Nothing that happened this summer changed that perception. See #2. 

2. We also planned a few events well ahead of time to encourage more informal fellowship between the members of the group. As you would expect, the folks who squawked the loudest for these events didn’t show up for them. I guess my point there is not to bash those who didn’t show–it’s to reiterate the challenges of summer. 

3. The most successful fellowship times were the impromptu get-togethers after church or casual spur-of-the-moment things (“Hey, you said we come out and fish at your river. Is that offer still open?”). Those work. 

4. We’ve also found that taking the summer off has absolutely no bearing on how many return for the group in the Fall. In our group everybody returned. Gotta love that! 

Just my thoughts. I’m open to varying opinions. 

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