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Being an Expert in Small Groups

May 8, 2013

Here’s an exchange I had with my son over texting. We were talking about getting his bicycle wheels trued up (so they don’t wobble).

Him: Both [wheels] are wobbling, we need to take it to the bike shop.

Me: I can take a crack at it first.

Him: It’s better to let the professionals fix it.

Maybe he’s right; maybe bicycle wheels should be fixed by a professional. Here’s the good news for small groups, though. The “professional” is the one who has a heart for people. Anyone with a reasonable level of spiritual maturity and a love for others can lead a small group (and didn’t that John guy say quite a bit about love in his first epistle?). Some people think it’s difficult to lead a small group. Not true. It’s easier to lead a small group than it is to “true up” a bicycle wheel. I’ve done both. 


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