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Small Groups–Good for Your Marriage

September 21, 2012

So here’s something interesting that just dawned on me. I started thinking about the small groups we’ve been in that I can recall. Going back to 1998, we’ve probably been in groups with at least 20 couples. That assumes I’m not forgetting someone; an ‘iffy’ assumption, at best.

Here’s the good part: Of those couples, only one couple has gotten a divorce. One.

Considering the national average of 50% of all marriages ending in divorce, that’s an incredible ratio. I doubt my experience is any different than that of others. Furthermore, I suspect there are a couple of good reasons why those involved in small groups fare better. Thus, that number, while outstanding, isn’t really all that surprising to me. Maybe in a future post I’ll discuss my suspicions why. I welcome your thoughts, too.

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